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Sculpture links of sculptor Paul Baden
Surrey Sculpture Society SSS Created to promote interaction between sculptors in the Guilford area, to organise exhibitions and to encourage the appreciation of sculpture.
Armed Forces Art Society AFAS The premier art society of Britain's Services.
Civil and Public Service of Artists CPSA Includes Artists, sculptors and potters mainly from the civil and public sectors, but is open to all artists.;
Craftsman Magazine The Selected Gallery features the work of makers in a broad range of media. What they have in common is the creativity and skill required to create original, beautiful and desirable items by hand
Peter Clothier A sculptor, teacher and author of the book 'Sculpting in wood' will be published by A. and C. Black on 30 August 2007.;
Non Sculpture Links  
Yogawise Inspirational and spiritual Yoga classes. A superb resource for any figurative sculptor and used one of my sculpture for their latest CD cover.
Pheltham Phantoms Pheltham's phinest covers band and uses lots of my photos on their website. Wikipedia Quote 'Unremarkable people' 
Helen Baden The loveliest Jazz singer in town
Jazz Artists Direct Hampton's Best Jazz Agency
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