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Commissioning a unique and original sculpture
50% of Paul's work is done on a commission basis.

Need the perfect present that no one else will have? Commissioning an original artwork is the answer. Itís also your chance to be part of the creative artistic process. You have input to the theme, size and positioning of the artwork or you can leave it to Paul to create a wonderful wood sculpture for you.

Why some people commission a Sculpture
Paul has created sculptures that celebrate all of life's changes from birthdays, weddings and retirement presents. He has produced work to fit specific spaces and clients' specifications. Be confident you're making a financial  investment for the future; Paul's pieces are rising steadily in value across the art world and are increasingly sought out by collectors. 

Not sure ?
Donít be scared - Paul doesnít bite. Contacting him is not a commitment to buy and doesnít cost anything.

Find out more
Contact Paul Baden to discuss the possibilities.

This sculpture of a map by Paul Baden was commissioned to celebrate a wedding. With the map centred on the bride and grooms' home.
This modern sculpture by Paul Baden of a figure in a yoga pose was commissioned for a surprise Christmas present.
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