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About Paul Baden sculptor and artist
Paul is relatively new and fresh to the fine art scene. He was a cartographic draughtsman for over 20 years and has always been fascinated by the undulating landscape that surrounds us.

He is a self taught carver and has found his own way of working with that material. When he first used plywood he was taken by the way the uniform layers mimic the contours found on maps.

So what better material for a map maker to use for his sculptures? As the wood veneers has a different character, texture and colour every sculpture creates its own unique three dimensional landscape that tempts the hand to explore it.

What on the surface appears a utilitarian material hides an amazing beauty within its depths. Finding that hidden beauty within the plywood sculpture is the challenge Paul loves.
Paul Baden Sculptor and artist self portrait



Paul's work falls into two main themes  
Paul Baden sculptor sculpture called The Leap made from plywood Paul Baden sculptor wall sculpture relief of the River Thames made from plywood  
The human body Maps  
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